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TM IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT : New Early Termination Penalty Policy Within Contract for Unifi & Pre-Unifi (Streamyx) Package (Consumer & Business)

posted Mar 16, 2018, 10:42 PM by Jacobist
Dear Valued Business Partner,

Please be informed that effective 19th March 2018 onwards, new customers who subscribe to UniFi and pre-UniFi (Streamyx) packages (Consumer & Business) will be subject to a penalty fee of the remaining months should the service be terminated within the contract period.

This is applicable to order processed into TM system from 19th March 2018 onwards.

Customer will be charged remaining internet monthly fee (internet monthly fee is calculated based on original price before discount) for early termination within the contract period.

You are required to inform customer on this new early termination policy from TM before closing deal.


Package Subscribed Package Price Original Price Remaining Contract Period Penalty Fee to be paid
Senario 1
Customer Subscribed UniFi Lite 10Mbps @ RM129
RM129 RM129 12 Months Contract RM129 x 12 months = RM1548
Senario 2
Customer Subscribed UniFi Advance 30Mbps + Jumbo Lite + Discount RM60 for 24 months (Bonanza Campaign) @ RM139
RM139 for 24 months RM199 10 Months Contract RM199 x 10 months = RM1990
Senario 3
UniFi Biz Lite 10Mbps (SME) @ RM199
RM199 RM199 10 Months Contract RM199 x 10 months = RM1990
Senario 4
Customer Subscribed Streamyx 8M (Streamyzer Campaign) @ RM140
RM140 RM160 8 Months Contract RM160 x 8 months = RM1280

Important Notes: Early Termination Penalty Fees will be charged based on the original package price x remaining month period within contract.