Now Everyone Can Apply !!

We offer up to 130% Commission.
Example: Commission for Home Fibre 100 Mbps @ RM129 = RM129 X 130% = RM167.70

If you are running a computer shop you can help your customer to apply or else they will apply at other shop too.

If you are property agent you can get extra income by referring our 2-minutes submission page to your client.

If you are CCTV dealer you can provide your customer one-stop-service and save your time waiting your customer to ready the internet line before you can proceed to CCTV installation.

If you are student you can help your friends or relative to apply and earn some pocket money.

We welcome anybody to be our Valued Partner.

Why Us ?
  • Trusted reseller - Since 2005
  • Never hold agent's commission
  • No need claim commission - We will bank in to you and email you statement and bank in slip
  • Submit application by simple yet efficient 2-minutes online form
  • Submit from your mobile phone / tablet / computer
  • Any inquiries may WhatsApps / Call / SMS us in English / Bahasa / 中文 at 019-2939169
  • We provide service for checking coverage, port availability, blacklist ...
  • You and your customer will receive a copy of registration slip via email
  • We provide full details of Package which customer are concern such as Monthly Fee, Contract Period, Call Rates ...
  • We can help to find out the reason of unsuccessful application of your customer
Please leave your contact number and email address below for us to send you detail commission scheme.